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NEW - Award Winning DPD Shipping Options Are Now Live

Receiving Livefoods In Cold Weather

When receiving livefoods in cold weather livefood can appear lifeless, it’s important to follow the below steps to ensure you can bring your livefoods ‘back to life’.

  1. Unpack all boxes immediately.
  2. Carefully lay out each box / bag in a warm room, allowing enough space for air to naturally circulate around them.
  3. The ideal room temperature should be around 18c – 22c.
  4. Under no circumstance should you apply external heat.
  5. Do not place on heat strips, in a warm vivarium, next to a hot radiator or in direct sunlight. This will likely kill them!

Livefoods will normally recover in around 4 - 6 hours from being unpacked following the above instructions. 


Your Livefood Guarantee

Livefood is guaranteed to arrive alive as specified in the product description. We purposely pack a couple of extra insects into most of our tubs to ensure you always get the right number of live bugs, even when a couple may perish during transit.

While uncommon, if a tub/bag of insects arrives that does not meet these standards please send us a message alongside a photo of the affected insects and we will always put this right.

You can email us with a brief description of the issue and photos to

Please include your order number so we can quickly resolve any issues.