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Create a Livefood subscription and get 20% off your first subscription order with code SUB20 - New Subscription Customers Only

Live Silkworms

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10+ in stock, ready to be shipped
10+ in stock, ready to be shipped
Size: Medium

Silkworms are one of the most nutritious feeder insects available and great for a wide range of animals

  • Soft bodied and easy to eat
  • Great for a wide range of animals
  • Easy to keep and store
  • Supplied in a recycled plastic tub
  • Fast, fully tracked UK delivery

Despite being called worms, silkworms are actually caterpillars that secrete silk from their feet. This acts like glue, which is why they can be hard to pick up, but it means they can stick to all sorts of surfaces in your pets enclosure - so you can spread them around and create a fun game of hide and seek to enrich behaviours at feeding time.

What Can Eat Silkworms

Most exotic pets can eat silkworms. Indeed, they seem to be so loved by animals they have even been known to tempt stubborn and picky eaters out of their hunger strikes! Feed them to bearded dragons, geckos, larger frogs, chameleons and small varanids.

Silkworm Care

Looking after silkworms is easy. You can keep them in the tub they arrive in if you intend to feed them quickly to animals. For longer term storage, transfer to their own container where you can control the humidity more easily as they grow. They prefer to be kept in the cool and dry but need less humidity as they go through their lifecycle. 

Our Silkworms are fed and gut-loaded before they are shipped but if you want to keep the for any period of time we strongly recommend you feed them daily. Since they only eat mulberry leaves it is much easier to give them specialist Silkworm chow to keep them happy and healthy.

Packaging Information

These silkworms are delivered in a ventilated plastic tub that is 100% recycled and recyclable.

See the table below for the approximate number of silkworms per tub.

 Size Tub Contents
Large Approx 8
Medium Approx 12
Small Approx 18


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

By the time Royal Mail decided to look for my address and drop off my parcel , half of the silkworms were dead

Luis Botero
Half dead!

It is the second time in a row I get my live food half dead! And I have contacted reptiles by post a couple of times telling them about it without any success. I have a bi weekly delivery and they don’t seem to offer any costumer support.
Will have to try someone else I guess. Out of the 7 silk works in the tub, 4 arrived dead and 1 died the next day.


Most are dead but crickets came alive and good

Sarah Parton
dragon loves them but they don’t post well

i have had food from here for a while now on weekly subscription, i made a change and started ordering silkworms, my bearded dragons love them but sadly they do not post well my latest parcel i only had 2 alive think maybe the cold is making it worse so probably
best to switch to something else that will survive the post

Nicola Douglas
Never arrived

The silk worms didn't arrive with the rest of my order and am still waiting it see the refund. Had no email just a note in the order saying 'o.o.s refund'