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Create a Livefood subscription and get 20% off your first subscription order with code SUB20 - New Subscription Customers Only

Curly-wing Flies pre-pack

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Curly-wing flies are a perfect food source for small invertebrates, fish and amphibians. Please ensure you allow enough time for these to hatch after delivery.

  • Great food source for small animals including jumping spiders
  • Easy to care for
  • Hatch after 5 - 7 days
  • Fully tracked UK delivery

Raised on a fresh food diet, these insects are gut-loaded and shipped as casters so they are ready to feed to your pet as soon as they hatch. They make a highly nutritious food source ideal for daily feeding. Add these to your subscription so you have a continuous source of hatched and hatching flies.

What Can Eat Curly Wing Flies?

These little flies are perfect for hatchling amphibians and spiders, small invertebrates like mantis and jumping spiders, and great for small amphibians such as dart frogs. You can even feed them to small fish. Their curly wings makes it harder for them to fly, so they are easier for your pet to catch and consume.

Curly Wing Fly Care

Most of the flies will be casters when shipped. This is the pupae form of the insect, so after they have hatched and grown on as maggots, but before they hatch into adult flies. Keep them at room temperature in an area away from direct sunlight and let them hatch. This happens after about 5 - 7 days. 

Curly-wing flies aren't fruit flies, but once hatched they can be fed a diet of small amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables alongside insect food to keep them in tip top condition.

Packaging Information

Your curly-wing flies are shipped in a small, ventilated plastic container with some internal packaging for cover. You can keep the flies in this container when they arrive and simply shake out the desired amount into your pet's enclosure at feeding time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alexander Smith
Flies didn't hatch and no instructions to help

Although we fly eggs arrived on time and as ordered, there were no basic instructions on how to care for them properly. We applied common sense and put them in a light place, at room temperature, but not a single egg hatched! Some basic instructions I think would improve the service.

Ordered received..

Bought these last month. They never hatched…




Healthy flies received on time


Healthy flies received